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Guy, Deerfield Drive, Huntington Beach

A big change in life, selling my big Fountain Valley home to my children and buying a smaller place for myself. Working solely with Anthony Bui from Lily’s team, I had a few important requirements: no stairs, close to my children, 2 car garage, and location, location, location. Working with one mortgage broker, we came close to a deal but at the last minute, it just didn’t work out. We took a little break, hooked up with another mortgage broker, and hit the road looking again. One place of interest had an offer by the time we finished touring it. Then, a couple weeks later, it fell out and we made an offer. It still took some finagling, but with everyone’s help, we closed at the beginning of April 2019. I couldn’t have done it without Anthony and the support of Lily’s team. Thank you!