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Back in 2017, when I first had the idea to purchase a home, my friends recommended me to work with Lily. I called Lily and told her my situation at that time and as I spoke with her, I realized I wasn’t ready to buy yet. Nevertheless, I remembered how exceptional Lily’s consultation and help were! Fast forward 3 years later, I called Lily again and told her my situation now and she got to work right away. From making an offer to moving into my new home, the whole process took less than 3 weeks! It all happened so fast that I couldn’t believe it; Lily and her team staff, Anthony were there with me every step of the way. It was truly a pleasure working with them, Lily and Anthony paid extreme attention to the details, gave me advice on what to look out for, what was a reasonable price for similar houses in the area, remodeling ideas, and even how to negotiate. Throughout the whole time, it didn’t feel like Lily was my agent, it felt like she was a family friend. Not only was she SO knowledgeable and experienced, she was passionate in helping people, whether you’re selling a home or buying one. Now I understand why so many of my friends recommended me to work with Lily, her level of service and attention to detail is just incomparable!