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Michelle | 18336 Santa Carlotta St Fountain Valley class=

Michelle | 18336 Santa Carlotta St Fountain Valley

Our family feels so fortunate to have had Lily Campbell and her team guiding us through the process of selling our family Home. My Dad bought the home in 1986 and never imagined selling it, but when the time came and it was necessary, he knew exactly who he wanted to have sell the home: Lily Campbell. He had been collecting her mailers, postcards and notepads over the years and was a big "fan" of her connection to the community, experience and work ethic. He was 100% right. Lily and Lanh worked with us for several months, discussing, strategizing and guiding us as we prepared the home for sale and then helped us as we navigated the decision making process when we received multiple offers. I very strongly recommend Lily Campbell and her team-- and can honestly say that Lily brought so much more to this experience than just that of a Realtor-- she now feels like a trusted friend.
Adrina | 19924 Keswick Ln, Huntington Beach class=

Adrina | 19924 Keswick Ln, Huntington Beach

Exceeded Expectations. Streamlined Process. Class A Experience. Our home sold at a historic high for our neighborhood! I would recommend Lily Campbell to ANYONE. Wow, what a great experience. Our friends had used Lily Campbell's team to sell their home in our neighborhood and sold for 50k over listing price. I trusted my friend's judgment and we began the process. Wow, what a class A experience. She's so knowledgeable, and has strategy, good strategy! Her team included another realtor named Cabot Harvey who was also amazing to work with. The whole process was so streamlined and coordinated; we could really rest knowing it was going well. And we knew this was a well rated team, but we were not expecting our home to sell THAT well! But it's more than just the final price. The entire process was excellent. Here are some of the benefits of working with Lily Campbell. We were guided from start to finish. She is dedicated and gives 115% to the job. She is absolutely focused on making the sale and hitting goals. Wow, she's driven. She knew what she was doing. We were guided in the pricing, in the staging, in the offers, in the details of negotiating which she shines at and handled for us, in every detail. She was available. We had answers whenever we needed it from Lily or Cabot. They have a team of repair people who were available to help us fix our place up to sell. They have an excellent stager. When we listed, after the first weekend of showing we got 12 offers! Most offers were over asking. After that, the sale closed so quickly! I have already recommended Lily Campbell to my dad who has a second home that he would benefit from selling. I am so grateful we had the chance to work with her and her entire team. They were the BEST!
Michael | 19924 Keswick, Huntington Beach class=

Michael | 19924 Keswick, Huntington Beach

A close friend of mine recommended Lily Campbell to me and he was so right. Lily is a powerhouse! She was super organized and has amazing follow through, responded super fast to any of our questions and concerns. I appreciated that she and her associate Cabot, helped us with our pricing, gave us lots of good referrals to help us with repairs and upgrades, and were really proactive about cross checking with the various banks to make sure the offers we had coming in were healthy. She also provided a great stager who made our place look more glamorous that I would have thought possible. All in all it was a great experience. I couldn't recommend her and Cabot enough.
Julie | 11378 Coriender Ave, Fountian Valley class=

Julie | 11378 Coriender Ave, Fountian Valley

Lily Campbell Team went above and beyond to help us with the preparation process before putting our property on the market. Then the selling process was extremely fast, easy and quick negotiations. With 1 week the property was sold... We are so thankful for the fast transaction! Lily Campbell and Lanh Vu are trustworthy, lots of expertise, and efficient! We highly recommend her Team! Thank you so much Lily and Lanh for all your help! We appreciate you so much! Best wishes!
Aude | 16583 Walnut St, Fountain Valley class=

Aude | 16583 Walnut St, Fountain Valley

We always knew we would choose Lily Campbell when we decided to sell our house! She has been the number one in our neighborhood for many many years! Lily and her team were perfect and so easy to work with! From the pictures to the open house to the sell, everything was perfect and so easy! We didn't have to worry about anything! They do all the work for you! Our sold house in 6 days - Over the asking price! They did an amazing job! We are really happy and could not recommend enough Lily and her team! Thank you Lily & Vera!
Mishel & Martin | 2210 W 9th Street, Santa Ana class=

Mishel & Martin | 2210 W 9th Street, Santa Ana

We highly recommend First Team Real Estate, Lily Campbell's team. They are amazing. We choose them because they came in representing at their finest and we felt very comfortable knowing they were working with us to get the most out of the sale of our home. The whole team was extremely knowledgeable and foremost attentive to all our needs. They produced with high expectations and got it done. They told us our house would sell fast, which we had no idea since we never sold a home before. Let me tell you, our house was on the market a few days, and we excepted an offer on day 6. Amazing..... I would totally recommend Lilly Campbell's team, specially Sarah Frost, to all my family & friends. They are the game changer of Real Estate :)
Annissa | 9167 McBride River Ave, Fountain Valley, CA 92708 class=

Annissa | 9167 McBride River Ave, Fountain Valley, CA 92708

We selected Lily Campbell to sell my parents' home in Fountain Valley because of her local expertise and strong reputation. After working with her and her team, we are pleased to say that they exceeded all our expectations! She is incredibly organized, professional, and helpful. She guided us through the entire prep listing and sales process. She helped us prioritize improvements and identify service providers that could provide timely and quality work. Lily is genuinely caring and will do whatever it takes to make you comfortable throughout the sales process. Within one week of listing the house, we had eleven offers on the property! She helped us consider all the offers and make the decision that was best for my parents. I can't recommend Lily and her team enough!
Christine | 18080 Courreges Ct, Fountain Valley class=

Christine | 18080 Courreges Ct, Fountain Valley

Lily Campbell and Cabot Harvey are the best agents I have had the pleasure to work with. They are an A plus team with tremendous industry experience and were able to help guide us through the buying and selling process with ease and made it very stress free for our family. I highly recommend Lily Campbell and her team for your real estate transactions.
Elizabeth | 6781 Bridgewater Dr, Huntington Beach class=

Elizabeth | 6781 Bridgewater Dr, Huntington Beach

Lily Campbell and her team are the best real estate agents. I have bought 1 house and 2 apartments and sold 1 house using Lily as my agent. She always deals great prices for us. We are always very pleased with Lily.

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