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James | 8098 Catherine Ave #24, Stanton

Working with Lily Campbell and her team made me feel very comfortable when it came to selling my house. Throughout the process, Lily was there to give me reassurance and ensure everything went smoothly, especially during the moments I felt nervous. I can tell that Lily has incredible knowledge of the local market and after our first meeting, I was sure I wanted to work with Lily Campbell. She layed our her game plan and then followed through until completion. Overall I am very happy with my experience and would recommend Lily Campbell if anyone is thinking about selling their home.

Edward | 10852 La Terraza Avenue, Fountain Valley

To whom it may concern: Note I, Edward Hecht, am an 83 year old business man with nothing but success in my life with any venture I have tackled. As I man reaching the end of his life journey, I made the decision to get my affairs in order which included liquidating my real estate investments. I owned two real estate single family rental properties in Orange County, California and decided that upon notice that my tenants were moving out, rather than continue in the very positive rental market, I would need to liquidate. The first property in Huntington Beach vacated in March of 2022. I contacted several brokers to obtain information on my property and listed with a very prominent agent. I had contacted Lily Campbell but due to her extremely busy workload, there was a mix up and I did not hear back from her. My listing was on the market for two months without a showing other than the open houses. There were no offers on this property during this time frame. I worked very hard to try and save the listing for the listing broker but no results gave me reason to revisit my initial contact with Lily Campbell. After a meeting with her I requested an opt out from my contract with my initial agent and after this was granted, I made the move To First Team’s Lily Campbell, and the results were immediate and amazing. The first weekend’s open house produced a full price offer and the house closed 10 days later. This is pure Lily Campbell. “PROFESSIONAL, EXACT, FLAWLESS AND RESULTS RESULTS RESULTS.” Having had this success 10 months later, a second house in Fountain Valley’s Green Valley Community vacated. I contacted Lily immediately and after 30 days of hard work on my part I readied the house for sale. On the second weekend of open houses, I received 8 offers. My home was sold for just a little under the listing price. It closed 30 days later and once again I was a happy camper.

My positive results in my lifetime had me associated with the “best of the best” professionals. Lily is right there in the real estate industry. Have no hesitations trusting “LILY” as she will help you with any and all of your real estate needs.

Hung | Fountain Valley

Great service and caring team! Very accommodating with Vera. Appreciate the attention to detail.

Tuyen | 17830 Winterberry St, Fountain Valley

We feel lucky to know Lily Campbell and to become her returning clients for so many years. Her professional, extensive knowledge, care and utmost her integrity have won our trust completely! That's why we always come to Lily when we have any real estate needs. From buying to selling, or even just exploring the housing market. Lily has always gone above and beyond what was expected to help us to achieve our goal. She and her team (Edmond) were always available to answer any questions we had throughout the process. Very recent, Lily just helped us to sell our house in Fountain Valley. Her extent knowledge of local market trends allowed her to get us a great deal while ensuring that both parties had a fair outcome from the transaction. We are happy to experiencing a very smooth transaction again. Lily, thank you for making it possible! It's always a pleasure working with you and your team!

Curt | 17818 Ash Street, Fountain Valley

There aren’t many people who get to use the same realtor for two sales but we’re thrilled that we got to do it twice with Lily. The second time, we had the amazing bonus of having Michelle Serrano working with Lily. When Lily sold a house for us in Garden Grove ten years ago, it was easy, efficient and we got a better price than we dreamt of. Fast forward ten years and working with Lily and Michelle was so much fun, it was like no time had passed at all. They were constantly watching out for our interests, pivoted strategically where necessary and once again got us top dollar. If you’re ready to buy or sell, you want Lily and Michelle on your side.

Frederick | 16334 San Gabriel St, Fountain Valley

I chose Lily as my agent because she gained my trust with her good track record and proven knowledge of the local market. Lily was right when it came to the sales cost, possible market price, and final price. She sold my home for more than I expected and in a short amount of time which is exactly what we were looking for. The entire sale process was smooth, and I’m happy to recommend Lily to everybody looking to sell their house in the future.

Michele | 1841 W Cooper Court, La Habra

“We appreciate how fast and efficiently everything moved with Lily Campbell after signing with her. The cleaning, staging, and open houses were all done in record time!! Lily gained our interest after we saw her references and after reviewing all of the information she brought to our initial meeting. We feel that this was an exceptional process, from the listing of our home to the showing of our home and to the completion of the sale! We would recommend Lily to our friends and family based upon how efficient, informed, and responsive her and her team are.”

Paul | 8661 Bel Air Circle, Westminster

Lily, Cheryl, and the Lily team did an outstanding job!! We chose to sell our house with Lily because we liked her professionalism and reputation. We took comfort in having a whole team behind us for the entire process. During the process, we really liked the fast responses to questions.They were always available to help. We couldn’t be more grateful and blessed to have worked with them!

Lisa | Fountain Valley

Sarah was truly amazing, helpful, kind and responsive in every way! Her professionalism, work ethic and friendly demeanor puts her above the rest! Thank you Sarah for all you did to help our family!

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