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Cecilia | 8802 Cardinal Avenue, Fountain Valley

Lily and her team are the most responsive, professional and knowledgeable realtors I've encountered in my last twelve years of buying and selling real estate. They work harder for a sale than over 90% of other realtors that I've dealt with, or know personally. I listed my property just as the interest rates rose and sales were falling off, yet everything that Lily promised in the sale of my home was fulfilled. Her reputation had proceeded her - which meant that my expectations were very high. And, she and her team never dissapointed me. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to list their property!

Edward | 9581 Friarscourt Drive, Huntington Beach

Rescued by LILY "OY VEY" You figure it out..My property was on the market with another company for two months. I needed a fresh start so I turned to "LILY". My beautiful Huntinton Beach home was sold the first weekend, FULL PRICE....and CLOSED IN 15 DAYS. CHOOSE LILY.

Vincent | Huntington Beach

My wife and I worked with Michelle Serrano on Lily Campbell’s team for almost 3 years (off and on) until we finally found our perfect first home. Michelle is kind, patient, friendly, and very knowledgeable about the entire home buying process and I cannot thank her enough for sticking with us through our quest to first determine what we liked and did not like and then progress to actually looking at homes, and finally purchasing our first home. Michelle never pressured us or made us feel like we needed to rush, and gave us all the time and advice we needed throughout the entire 3 year timeframe of sporadic searching. I am writing this review having just officially closed Escrow and received the keys to our new townhome in Huntington Beach. We are very thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Michelle and Lily, and we are very happy with our new home that God has blessed us with. We would highly recommend Michelle Serrano and Lily Campbell to anyone considering to either purchase or sell their home - it is truly a privilege to work with them!

Daniela | 10745 Lehnhardt Avenue, Fountain Valley

Lily and her assistant, Vu Nguyen, are both extremely professional as well as super nice and personable. Both are very knowledgeable and hard working. They were always quick to respond, patient with our questions, and gave good advice but were never pushy. They not only helped us get top dollar for our house, but they also made the process as stress-free as possible for us and were very attentive to any concerns and requests we had.

Larry | 14712 Newland St, Midway City

I would recommend Lily and her team to anyone looking to sell their home. I chose to work with Lily because of her reputation and she surpassed my expectations. The best part of the transaction was the personal attention I received from Lily and Cabot, They made sure everything went smoothly. I loved how they kept in contact with me and updated me every step of the way. Thank you again Lily and Cabot for selling my home so quickly, for a higher price than I expected, with all the terms I wanted.

Tim and Debbie | 17249 Santa Suzanne St, Fountain Valley

Once in a lifetime you come across a team of people that exemplifies the term Professional. A team that stands out among the best. Of course since this is a review about Lily Campbell and Michelle Serrano you probably think I am referring to them. And thus, you would be in error. To associate either one of them with the common Super Hero's would be doing a disservice to that class. Lily and Michelle are the two savants that mere Super Hero's go to when knowledge, execution, compassion, insightfulness, and expertise are needed. They are the true artists of the Real Estate field. A listing too tough to handle, Lily and Michelle's phone numbers are the first to be dialed. A client that has gone through multiple agents and has yet landed on "The One", they find solice after the first conversation with Lily and Michelle. Negotiations didn't go your way, you probably didn't use the team of L&M. Once you have made the wise choice of Lily and Michelle, all of your concerns melt away. Leaving you with the time to go on to more leisure activities like boating, sailing, painting, and yes even skydiving. While you have now put your trust in the Team of L&M, you only now have the ability to plan ahead for the next stage of your life. Not only will you probably achieve the most financial rewards of your home, but the transaction will have been handle with grace and expeditious acumen that few in the real estate industry have ever seen. This will be one of the most important transactions that most people will make in their lifetime. The rewards you will reap will only be paralleled with the choice you have made. Make it the best decision you can, make it with the Lily and Michelle team. We did, and our gratitude for the sale of our home of 23 years will last a lifetime. We can only hope you can experience what we did. Don't make the same mistake we did by interviewing other agents, make your first choice, the right choice. Choose wisely, choose Lily Campbell and Michelle Serrano.

Edward | 17687 Mango Circle, Fountain Valley

Lily and Cheryl are experts especially during dramatically changing market conditions. Their wisdom was evident throughout the whole process even when there were challenges that occurred

William | 12871 Glendon Pl, Garden Grove

Our experience was terrific. Lily and her team were top notch in terms of professionalism, communication, and helpfulness. We were in great hands. Despite the market slowing down due to rate hikes, we were happy with the price we got and the incredible support and advice we received. I'm confident we got the best result possible. Highly recommend!

Darren | 9742 Mariposa Ave, Fountain Valley

I am a Real Estate Broker and I chose to hire Lily to sell my home because of her impressive understanding of the market in my area. Her, and her team, worked very hard to find the buyer, then never stopped working hard to get the property sold. She advertised herself as a top agent and she proved that reputation to be correct. Even though I am a broker and could have done what she did without having to pay anyone, she did it better than I would have, and I am happy I chose to hire her. I would do it again ! Thank you Lily and team.

Andrew | 8710 Meadow Brook Avenue #226, Garden Grove

First off let me say their team was very quick and responsive from the beginning to end they made buying and selling effortless. Their professionalism and knowledge in this market really made them stand out from other agents. Theie tools and strategy helps you get the most money in selling your house. Definitely recommend Lily's team to all my friends and family if they are looking to sell or buy. Big thanks to Lanh one of her sharpest agent that help us out.

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