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Michelle | 18336 Santa Carlotta St Fountain Valley

Our family feels so fortunate to have had Lily Campbell and her team guiding us through the process of selling our family Home. My Dad bought the home in 1986 and never imagined selling it, but when the time came and it was necessary, he knew exactly who he wanted to have sell the home: Lily Campbell. He had been collecting her mailers, postcards and notepads over the years and was a big “fan” of her connection to the community, experience and work ethic. He was 100% right. Lily and Lanh worked with us for several months, discussing, strategizing and guiding us as we prepared the home for sale and then helped us as we navigated the decision making process when we received multiple offers. I very strongly recommend Lily Campbell and her team– and can honestly say that Lily brought so much more to this experience than just that of a Realtor– she now feels like a trusted friend.

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