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Patty and Phil B, 10891 El Paso Ave, Fountain Valley

Lily Campbell and her team (Kim Le) were outstanding! We had a completely positive experience listing our home through Lily and selling it within two weeks- in a market that had slowed somewhat. Lily and Kim were great communicators and negotiators on our behalf. They ensured that our experience was positive, pain-free and timely. We highly recommend Lily and her team!

Lois T., 9791 La Amapoloa Ave, Fountain Valley

Lily Campbell and her team at First Team Real Estate did an outstanding job selling our home in Fountain Valley. Not only did she negotiate a great price, but she brought us a cash offer and a 25 day escrow. It doesn't get much better than that! Lily and her team were always accessible and responsible. Our home sale happened quickly and easily. We highly recommend Lily, you've found the best - no need to keep looking for anyone else.

Dave and Ellen Maiorano, 17590 Waterton St, Fountain Valley

Have utilized Lily and Cabot Henry three times in the last year to both purchase and sell homes. In purchasing the homes, we have had no issues. They understood what we were looking for and only showed us houses that met our criteria. Once decided, they were able to negotiate and resolve any issues.In selling our house, they were able to set a reasonable price and we obtained multiple offers even in the tougher selling market. The major issue with our house was a leased solar contract, and Cabot was able to inform the buyer prior to any negotiations. The only issue that we had in the selling of our house was a buyer backed out but because of the contigency requirements they wrote in, it was not a long period of time and we were able to soon obtain other buyers.We have recommended Lily and Cabot to other people.

Linda S. Mattingly, 9918 Dandelion Cir, Fountain Valley

Lily is a fabulous negotiator. Her communications with sellers are almost daily . She got us the best price and she is genuinely concerned about the well-being of her clients. I called her my real estate fairy godmother.Cabot who is on her team has a team of his own who came to our aid with last minute fixes we needed . He also negotiated the removal of items upon the sale of the house.

Kinh & Luis Andalon, 8791 Bishop Avenue, Westminster

Lily and Kim are the absolute best agents you can find!! We were so blessed to have come across them, we were not truly convinced that we were ready and they helped us through every detail with tremendous effort. They always had our best interest at the forefront. I would highly recommend them to anyone, I can promise you you won’t be disappointed!!

Juliana Dwyer, 9379 El Blanco Ave, Fountain Valley

Lily Campbell, her co-agent Michelle Serrano and the other members of the team helped sell my house on El Blanco Avenue successfully and profitably. They are the best realtors and real estate team that I have ever done business with. With Lily and Michelle's unending energy, professionalism and expertise, my house was sold very fast and escrow was processed very smooth. If I have to buy or sell another house again in the future, I will definitely have Lily Campbell and her team again to be my realtor and will definitely refer her to my friends and acquaintances.

Lori, 12733 Mistybrook Circle, Santon

The whole transaction process was great! We are newbies at selling, having lived in that home for 34 years. The knowledge of Lily and Cheryl made the process smooth and seamless. They walked us through the whole thing, communicating with us every step of the way. We had some trouble when the first loan attempt failed, but Cheryl already did her homework and was prepared to deal with the issue, which was very assuring. Our experience with Lily and Cheryl was awesome! We were unsure about the team experience--but Cheryl explained the pros of having different agents hold the open houses and they were all true! We would not have done it any other way. Thank you Lily and Cheryl!

Jeffrey and Cynthia, 17780 San Candelo Street, Fountain Valley

We absolutely loved working with Lily and Cabot! They helped us stage our house so that we could sell quickly and for a great price. Customer service is their number one priority. They always consulted us on what needed to be done, but was never pushy and let us make the final decision that we were most comfortable with. We highly recommend Lily and her team! Thank you Lily and Cabot!

Kelly and Khanh, 21621 Bahama Lane, Huntington Beach

We worked with Lily back in November 2016 and chose to come back because we knew she was the right one for us. She IS very professional, very knowledgeable of the housing market, super fast, straightforward and most of all, we TRUSTED her to give us an honest assessment. This 2nd time around exceeded our expectations! Lily got us the perfect home for the greatest price!

Special thanks to Lily's associate Kathy Banh who was incredible to work with. We felt like Kathy was advocating for us. We appreciated her support and advice which helped with the escrow process. Moreover, Kathy was always available to answer our questions and cater to our issues during our entire home buying experience.

We could not imagine buying our home without their help! I will continue to use Lily and her team for any of my home buying and selling needs. I highly recommend Lily--YOU GUYS WON'T REGRET!!

Linda Laporte, 9826 Dandelion Avenue, Fountain Valley

Working with Lily and Cabot was unforgettable. Lily is BEST at getting a higher price than listed! Although going through the multiple offer stage was a bit challenging, we never felt out of the loop. Lily was great at keeping us informed and Cabot was extremely helpful when getting my home ready for sale with staging and marketing. Putting a house on the market is not an easy thing, but Lily made it seamless!